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Is your transportation organization faced with increased competition, the high cost and availability of qualified personnel, the escalating cost of your operations, the increased cost of equipment and the fluidity of your work force?

eRES provides solutions that are comprised of upstream concepts, are nimble and can respond immediately and automatically to the changing environment. You are provided an instant view of your organization and all of the eRES applications are self supporting, self maintaining, allow you to reduce your work force.

eRES by Flight Data Management is a transportation solution for scheduled and chartered travel operations designed to provide a state-of-the-art, easy to use, transportation system for small and large transportation organizations.

Whether your company is a startup or an established company eRES can streamline your tasks by combining booking, scheduling, accounting, customer management, reporting, check-in, boarding, departure, customs and office functions.

Start-Up And Long Term Cost eRES is designed for any sized company from the very smallest to the largest. The major features of eRES are a state-of-the-art system with a low start-up and life-time cost. The eRES system programming, the Internet eRES servers and access to the Internet by the eRES system are provided with only a small start-up fee. it's easy to immediately put a state-of-the-art system in place for your company.
eRES will minimize your business expenses and maximize your bottom line.

Booking Panel

eRES Installation eRES helps startup companies get going quickly with a full featured online system, making sure your company gets off on the right foot. With eRES we guarantee you that our part of the installation will be completed in 24 hours or less.

eRES is simple and easy to use! - Simple means new innovative ideas that provide easier ways to book reservations, not just a booking engine that has been stripped of function to make it simple.

eRES provides the applications for your web site, you just add the eRES interface, no matter where you want, on your web site, eRES does the rest automatically for you. Or it can be as simple as adding a new link on your existing web site. You have complete control of the content of your web site. If you do not have a web site we will build one for you, at no cost. eRES includes a free stand alone secure Internet server where you can put your website at no cost to you.

The time it took you to access this web site is the time it takes to install eRES at your company.

Database All eRES applications use a centralized SQL database, there is no synchronization of databases to worry about and anyone can view eRES from anywhere in the world. With eRES's centralized database, complete real-time information is always available at all touch points. eRES is the transportation industries "System Of Things".

Networking eRES is web-based and hosted on a dedicated secure server. You don't need to download, install or configure anything and best of all there is no IT department required for the system. This means that there are no expensive servers to maintain or Internet bandwidth to pay for. Unlike other reservation systems there is no need for special or any programing in your Personal Computers. Passengers, Travel Agents, Corporate Customers and Company Personnel can access the system securely from any Personal Computer, tablet or cellular telephone from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Based


Since eRES is contained in a private cloud connection to other clouds is automatic. You have access and connection to all other clouds, there is no longer any need for your company to have any servers. eRES can connect to your accounting, management and applications no matter where they are located.

Problem Reporting / Service Contract Problem reporting is automatic in that eRES monitors itself and automatically reports the problem to our maintenance department. We have seven locations around the world and they all monitor the system. Before you realize you had a error we, in most cases, will have already fixed it. We feel so strongly about this that in our contract we commit to a 100 percent available service contract and we pay you if the system goes down. In addition, we guarantee you 24/7/365 live support.

Enhancements/New Functions If you want enhancements or new functions we commit in our contract to do them at no cost to you. The only requirement is that if your request is not something we can use on other companies we will charge you for the change. In fifty five years we have never charged for a requested change...

Consulting/Custom Solutions For new or existing companies, we provide consulting and customization services, at no charge, for all eRES clients to make sure the system is being used to its fullest capabilities and helping your company get up and running as quickly as possible. We have been in business for fifty five years and have installed, in over 210 accounts in 36 countries around the world, in every kind of transportation situation possible. Our goal is to help you become profitable as soon as possible using eRES.

Data Migration If you are an existing company we will migrate all of your existing data, at no cost to you, to eRES when we install your system.

Scheduling With eRES you can create a booking schedule in a matter of minuets, have the bookings confirmed and even schedule the crew. You define the dates, origins, destinations, and capacities and eRES takes care of organizing it all. Once the schedule is built in the system: passengers, travel agents, corporate customers, company personnel can book your new schedule immediately online.

Agents/Re-Sellers/Other Companies To help your marketing efforts eRES works with advertisers to advertise your schedules on their site. eRES allows a site operator to link directly to your eRES booking engine and to book reservations thought their site. Accounting of the booking(s) are automatically handled by eRES and monthly statements are automatically created. This provides a simple and in-expensive way to have other companies interline with you.


Standard Compliant eRES is one hundred percent IATA, ICAO, ISO and ATPCO standard compliant. This is important when you want to interface to other systems or have them interface to your system.

Training To train your employees on eRES is nothing more then informing them of of the rules and regulations of your company. Once they understand your company, eRES provides an easy to use intuitive info-graphic user interface which minimizes training time to hours not weeks.

Outsourcing Every company is faced with the problem of providing the best possible service at the lowest possible cost to their customers while retaining both customer and employee loyalty. This is easy to say, but almost impossible to achieve. Outsourcing is a valuable service to companies that want to save money, make things more efficient, and above all to provide the best customer service possible. Flight Data Management provides outsourcing for all aspects of your company, please review Outsourcing Details.

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  • Departure Control System View
  • Drones and SUVs View
  • Accounting System for Passenger, Train, Bus and Cargo View
  • Frequent Traveler Program (Frequent Flyer) View
  • Passenger And Cargo Interlining View
  • Shipping Lines System View
  • Rail Lines System View
  • Bus Lines System View
  • Outsourcing View

If you do not find what you are looking for in our product descriptions let us know via email at and we will respond to you via email or telephone within an hour.

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